Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Ideas

I've been so deeply into the revision of my novel that I've failed to start any new writing projects in quite some time. A very unusual state of events for me. I'm usually the queen of multiple projects, knitting as well as writing.

But not this time. I now have a writing workshop coming up towards the end of July with nothing to submit for critique. I don't want to rehash any of my novel at this point. Been there/done that. More input would only muddy the revision waters. Yet the revision has completely absorbed my creative output.

I need to produce, at the very least, a rough draft, of something=anything----probably short fiction, even flash. And for a change of pace, something=anything----not for children. Change is good and often helps jump start my pool of ideas.

So it's time for me to review my own advice. I just pulled out an old article of mine first published on the ICL website and reprinted in the SCBWI regional MidSouth online bulletin, Borderlines. Since both publications accepted one-time electronic rights, I'm free to toss this out again. Any time I'm in the market for ideas, I turn to this article to remind me where to start looking.

I'd like to share this now. I'll start with the introduction and advance through the article by posting sections until the article is complete. Here goes!


Do you panic when your Muse takes a hike? Muses are fickle.

Ever find yourself starring at a blank page or computer screen without a clue? Clues don't just materialize like Captain Kirk on Star Trek. "Beam me up a clue, Scotty."

Let's say you've rearranged your entire schedule for the next three months, bribed the kids with movie tickets, and paid your husband's greens fees. You've carved out an entire afternoon for writing. Imagine—an entire afternoon. You're ready for a writing party; but alas, you're ideas don't show. The party poopers.

No problem. You've already prepared for missing Muses, clueless clues, and inconstant ideas. You've been practicing you're 4 Rs.

You have been practicing you're 4 Rs, haven't you? Not the old school 3 Rs: readin', ritin', and 'rithmetic. You need the 4 Rs for Ideas: Read, Review, Research, and React.

Join me again in a few days for an more on the READ section of 4 Rs for Ideas.



WordWrangler said...

Nice blog! Keep those posts coming!

Enjoy the writing workshop. We have one tomorrow with Pam Zollman. I'm so excited. I hope you get a lot out of yours and come back with tons to share. :)

Bonita Pate Davis said...

Thanks for the encouragement, wordwrangler. I do love my KRWW workshop.